Rita Ashley, Photo Artist

gm pollock truck sm

pollack hinge sm

Did you notice this corroded hinge when you passed the old truck? I did and was thrilled with the textures and colors created by the layers of old primer and peeling paint. It is art to me. That’s why I call myself a photo artist and not a photographer. I have not the skill required to produce magnificent landscapes and compelling portraits. But I do have, what others refer to, as an unusual eye.

This site, on the Pages listed in the right hand column on the bottom, will reveal what I see and consider worth sharing. If you agree and would like to purchase the images as prints or on canvas, just contact me for how we can make that happen.

One thought on “Rita Ashley, Photo Artist

  1. I like the way you notice little things I know I miss. I’m glad your photography can point them out and give me another chance to see art where I previously only saw junk.

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