Rusted and photo ready

Farm rust.


Rusted wall in Peru.

Rusted wall in Peru

Automobile abstract in rust. automobile abstract in rust

Rusted Printing Press sitting in a collectables store in Seattle.




cam rust sm

Rusted Industrial Bolts. This is a small section of a huge router, at least 12 feet long and almost as high. I was overwhelmed but found a few bolts to delight me.

Rusted farm equipment of an unknown vintage. There is a collection about 45 miles from my home. I love to visit and find something unique. This is NOT colorized. If rust could talk. Rust blue green bolts sat sm

Rusted Barrels from that same destination; Pottsville, OR. I wonder what they use to contain. Grain for beer?rusted barrel sm

Rusted door hinge.hinge green sm


Got rust?Just more rust

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