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Interesting images

Many images encourage Imagination – tiny stories suggested by something that touches a magical place inside. What do you see?

tired window sm 2










Old Wall
Old Wall
















  Back wall of Medford’s Sparta Building. 2014.  The grand building was finished in 1911 with great fanfare and salubrious intentions. The building was the pride of the city and won national honors for design, a first for the city. The mayor called it his second home; it was filled with financial experts and those who craved their advice. Until greed and corruption crippled the financial world and those who sucked at its beguiling teat. Two suicides and a murder closed the doors. The building lay empty for decades. The decay on the walls hid the glory that was, until the artists were encouraged to fill the forlorn spaces with exhibits. 

Rusted and photo ready

Farm rust.


Rusted wall in Peru.

Rusted wall in Peru

Automobile abstract in rust. automobile abstract in rust

Rusted Printing Press sitting in a collectables store in Seattle.




cam rust sm

Rusted Industrial Bolts. This is a small section of a huge router, at least 12 feet long and almost as high. I was overwhelmed but found a few bolts to delight me.

Rusted farm equipment of an unknown vintage. There is a collection about 45 miles from my home. I love to visit and find something unique. This is NOT colorized. If rust could talk. Rust blue green bolts sat sm

Rusted Barrels from that same destination; Pottsville, OR. I wonder what they use to contain. Grain for beer?rusted barrel sm

Rusted door hinge.hinge green sm


Got rust?Just more rust

Rita Ashley, Photo Artist

gm pollock truck sm

pollack hinge sm

Did you notice this corroded hinge when you passed the old truck? I did and was thrilled with the textures and colors created by the layers of old primer and peeling paint. It is art to me. That’s why I call myself a photo artist and not a photographer. I have not the skill required to produce magnificent landscapes and compelling portraits. But I do have, what others refer to, as an unusual eye.

This site, on the Pages listed in the right hand column on the bottom, will reveal what I see and consider worth sharing. If you agree and would like to purchase the images as prints or on canvas, just contact me for how we can make that happen.